Intruder Alarms

An approved and industry leading SIA system gives peace of mind and optimum security for your business. We specialise in the design and installation of bespoke systems, from hardwired to wireless, complete with mobile application control and alerts straight to your device.

Intercom Systems

Combining high definition visual modules, DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant equipment and interfacing with a broad suite of mechanical and electrical lock products – well designed Intercom systems offer both a first-line defence against unwanted intrusion into multi-tenanted buildings and a welcoming, professional aesthetic upon arrival.

Access Control Systems

Apart from being your first line of defence in preventing unauthorised access or activity, highly configurable access control allows you to manage and restrict access to certain areas or departments within your business and the flow of individual personnel. ID-based systems can deliver time & attendance logging, control of contractors and fire-registers for commercial sites.

IP CCTV Solutions

Our exclusive range features market leading high resolution cameras with secure remote integration to Video Management applications, allowing remote 24/7 monitoring of premises and operations from anywhere in the world.

Warden Call Systems

Warden Call systems allow individuals, including the elderly and those with disabilities to live independently, safe in the knowledge that they are connected to a system of support through our solutions. Warden Call alarm systems provide call functionality within assisted living, retirement communities and sheltered housing facilities, allowing integration with a range of new or existing systems and infrastructure.